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Madalyn & Cicely Take Sedona by Storm!

On February 24th and 25th Madalyn and Cicely had the pleasure and honor of working and playing with Dr. Sean Paul Mills, music director, and the musicians of the Verde Valley Sinfonietta.  These concerts featured Madalyn performing Mendelssohn's e minor violin concerto and Cicely the Haydn Cello Concerto in C.  The experience was extraordinary both musically and personally.  Through Dr. Mills we learned many things, but one that has inspired us and directed our energies is Robert Shaw's "Creed of the Collegiate Chorale."

A chamber music concert featuring Sonatas of Brahms and Boccherini, and the Dumky Trio was held on the evening of February 23rd, and a family concert entitled "Who's Turn?  Whose Tune?" was performed the morning of February 24th, both collaborations with Dr. Patricia LaLiberte.  All four concerts were played to a full house!  It was a great experience, and the best part was our hostess who fed and housed us and supported us so that all this could happen.  Thank you Mille!