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Just before the 2013-14 season began, the Rochester Chamber Orchestra lost their conductor. Founding music director, David Fetler, stepped-in, making program changes as necessary. Cicely was asked to perform the Haydn Cello Concerto in C at the last minute. There was another change coming … Minutes before she was to go on-stage as guest soloist, she was handed a cello to play!!!

While warming-up, the A string broke. The string was replaced. But while tuning, there was a loud “pop.” The carbon fiber tailpiece broke, sending a piece to the far side of the room! There was nothing to do except wait for a replacement cello, if one was available. A cello did arrive, and in the five minutes available, Cicely worked quickly getting acquainted with the “new” cello.

Only the orchestra knew what had happened! Here are excerpts from the rave review!

“Parnas’s performance brimmed with musical sensitivity as she executed phrases with an effortless legato… Parnas’s dexterity was on full display in the ‘Allegro molto,’ her stunning facility eliciting a richness of tone that was above scrutiny. In this unequivocally first-rate performance, Parnas demonstrated herself to be a musician whose career will be worth following for years to come.” --Daniel J. Kushner, 10/29/13

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