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At 17, Cicely took first prize in the 2011 Cello Competition at the Jacobs School of Music, and as the winner, she performed the Elgar Concerto with the Indiana University Philharmonic Orchestra in March. She earned a rave review from Peter Jacobi of the Herald Times. Under the headline "Young Cellist Shines", Mr. Jacobi wrote the following: On the whole a melancholy score, the concerto contains more than its share of richly expressive sentiments. It also bubbles with technical hurdles, not the least of which a perpetuum mobile sort of figuration in the fast-paced second movement. Nothing seemed to bother soloist Parnas. She is just 17 and yet played not only with the assurance of a veteran but with a mature and introspective sense for the musicís lyrical soul... On this evening, she was totally into a demanding full-scale concerto assignment, impressively offering resonance of tone and tenderness of mood.." Read the entire review!

Cicely Parnas Performing the Elgar Concerto

Cicely Parnas