Madalyn Parnas & The Bach Double Concerto

Can you imagine not only having the opportunity to play the Bach Double Concerto with a great friend who happens to be your former teacher, but also to appear on the same program with your grandfather, a world-renowned cellist?  Can you imagine closing the program by performing an impromptu encore with your grandfather, and to be greeted with a whoop and a holler from the standing crowd?  This is exactly what happened in October in Atlanta, GA, when Madalyn appeared with the Georgia Philharmonic

Our friend is of course Laura Donovan, Madalyn's beloved teacher who inspired her when she was very young.  We were so happy to visit with her in Atlanta.

Well, perhaps the encore wasn't completely spontaneous!  Many thanks to everybody who helped to make this concert such a success, especially Philip Rice, Megan Hallam, and Tom Hallam.  The concert was so well received that Madalyn and her grandfather were asked to return to play the Beethoven Triple together!  But who should be the pianist?  The following day, Madalyn and Cicely performed a benefit recital for Laura's new teaching home, the Georgia Academy of Music.